I’ve broken the bibliographies into 4 parts because the listing is somewhat long:

  1. Bibliographies by Michael Karpas
  2. Bibliographies by Richard Arndt
  3. Other bibliographies by fans
  4. Bibliographies by the artists themselves


Bibliographies by Michael Karpas

Michael Karpas (my brother) has put together some amazing bibliographies for Mike Carey, Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Kevin Smith, and Matt Wagner.

I know I’m biased, but they’re really quite good in terms of their level of detail and their completeness.  See for yourself.

  1. Links to the individual bibliographies
  2. Terms key
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Recommended/related links


Here are the bibliographies in HTML.  For downloadable Word doc files, please see the very bottom of this page.

  1. Mike Carey bibliography HTML
  2. Garth Ennis bibliography HTML
  3. Neil Gaiman bibliography HTML
  4. Frank Miller bibliography HTML
  5. Alan Moore bibliography HTML
  6. Grant Morrison bibliography HTML
  7. Kevin Smith bibliography HTML
  8. Matt Wagner bibliography HTML


One that I did (Peter) but is no longer updated; useful for older stuff: Judd Winick bibliography HTML


Terms Key

Month/year publishing dates are always taken from the book’s printed date. If the book has no monthly designation, I use the actual ship date if known. If neither of the first two applies, then the book is listed by the year it was published.

{ } = The start/finish dates for a serial, or for a general run of stories.
[ ] = Publisher.
> = Ongoing series.
TPB = Trade paperback format.

HC = Hard cover format.
<a> = Artist.
<w> = Writer.



A big thank you goes out to Chris Staros of Top Shelf Productions. His bibliographies in
The Staros Report 1996 were a direct influence on the format of the following bibliographies. Check
out his publishing company at; he publishes many wonderful books and quite a few of Alan Moore’s works as well!

The next big thank you goes to Grant Goggans.  His 2000 A.D./Judge Dredd archive provided key blocks of information for Ennis, Moore, and Morrison.  His listing has been linked directly to the 2000 AD links project site at  If you have questions relating to 2000 AD and Judge Dredd issues, contact him at

Much praise must also be given to Lance Parkin’s paperback book The Pocket Essential: Alan Moore,  which certainly helped fill in details on Moore’s earliest work. Copies can be purchased at

Another piece to the Moore biblio puzzle was provided by illustrator extraordinaire John Coulthart. Thanks John! Please check out his web gallery at www.johncoulthart.comHaunter of the Dark, the Angel Passage CD, and many other items can be purchased there as well.

Additional thanks for help on individual entries certainly goes out to Graham McDonald, Joe Camhi, David Bishop, Tom Tesarek, Steve Black, Leigh Penman, Greg Strohecker, Sean Richardson, and Stefan Andersson (for keeping me on my toes)!  Thanks to Luís Felipe Bisan de Freitas for the info and link to Morrison’s Cosi Fan Tutti short story for the Scottish Opera Company.

By the way, Greg Strohecker is now (in my mind) the official Alan Moore literary archeologist. By all means purchase The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore; a must-have book for any Alan Moore fan and it includes an intensely detailed Moore bibliography by George Khoury, David Hume, and Greg!

Thanks to Walt Simonson for help with an obscure entry in the Frank Miller section.

Scott Quimby, lead guitarist of Stone Misery, gets a shout out for providing details for the extremely hard-to-find Pantera comic book (for the Mike Carey biblio, and yes, Mike would appreciate it if this book remained in obscurity…  J).

And one more very special thanks to Davey Snyder, for “swapping” Gaiman biblios, and generally being extremely kind.  We owe you one!

There are some excellent bibliographies available on the web, especially for Gaiman, Moore, and Morrison.  So why write another one?  Why write them at all?  The bibliographies found herein are not yet “definitive” (although they are fairly detailed in providing references for many obscure books and stories), but I believe they represent an excellent chronological view of the creative development of the following writers.  My biggest hope is that they provide enough information for readers/collectors (experienced or beginner) to delve further into the works of my favorite creators.  I also hope that comic stores and dealers may discover inventory from the following lists that have been unknowingly sitting in boxes collecting dust, or just been plain ignored.  Pull them out, push them, and sell them!  It was only a few short years ago that stores filed “Miracleman” issues in their 50 cent bins…

Mike Carey: Carey’s official home site
Hellblazer fan site
Neil Gaiman: Gaiman’s official home site
Dreamhaven’s Store Site
The Dreaming fan site
GMZoe’s fan site
(Amazing and unparalleled visual biography!)
Alan Moore: Alan Moore fan site
Grant Morrison: Morrison’s official home site
Time Machine Go fan site
Kevin Smith: Smith’s official home site
Matt Wagner: Wagner’s official home site
Matt Wagner fan site
Judd Winick: Winick’s official home site


Downloadable Bibliographies (Word doc files):

  1. Mike Carey
  2. Garth Ennis
  3. Neil Gaiman
  4. Frank Miller
  5. Alan Moore
  6. Grant Morrison
  7. Kevin Smith
  8. Matt Wagner
  9. Judd Winick


Also, if you’re interested, Michael (author of most of the above bibliographies) did an interview for the Alan Moore fan site run by Jose Carlos Neves.  You can find it here.