I’ve broken the annotations into 3 parts because the listing was long enough to make it difficult to read.

bullet Annotations for Alan Moore comic books (all publishers)
bullet Annotations for DC comic books (including Vertigo, Elseworlds, etc.)
bullet Annotations for all other comic books (including Marvel and Independents)



Annotations for Alan Moore Comic Books

Alan Moore gets his own section for one simple reason:  his books are, by far, the most annotated.  Below you will find links to annotations for no less than THIRTEEN series:  1963, Albion, Judgment Day, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (both the original, V2, and the Black Dossier), Marvelman/Miracleman, Promethea, Smax, Supreme, Swamp Thing, This is Information, Top Ten, V for Vendetta, and The Watchmen.  In addition, annotations fans should check out the annotations included in the back of every issue of From Hell (they were also included in the graphic novel).

Jess Nevins has put together an amazing run of annotations (see the DC Annotations section of the site for more of his work).  Six of his annotations focus on Moore books:  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V2, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen:  The Black DossierThe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V3, Smax, and the Top Ten series (including it’s extensions).  Jess has given me permission to mirror his annotations, so they’re hosted here.  If you’re into the Golden Age, you should also take a trip to his site, as it has lots of Golden Age information on it.

Doug Atkinson compiled an excellent annotation for Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.  Click here to go to the index page for these annotations.  Watchmen fans should also check out Watching the Detectives: An Internet Companion for Readers of Watchmen.

Craig Klein (who created the V for Vendetta logo to the right) runs a site called the V for Vendetta Shrine.  It has tons of analysis, interviews, media, etc. and is a fantastic site to check out if you have any interest at all in V for Vendetta. 

Madelyn Boudreaux compiled annotations for V for Vendetta for a ’94 graduate class she took in Literary Research.  She did a revision in the summer of ’99, and recently made even more changes this August ’04.  Here are the newly revised complete V for Vendetta annotations.  Alternatively, you can see a direct mirror of Madelyn’s site, which is broken into six parts: Introduction, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Sources & Credits, and Quotes & Fanmail.

Greg Plantamura has annotated Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing (issues #21-64, plus a few other miscellaneous).

Michael Norwitz has annotated Marvelman/Miracleman.  (For more on Michael Norwitz’ work, check the Other Bibliographies by Fans section of my site.)

Someone has finally taken on the Promethea annotations challenge.  Eroom Nala has done extensive annotations for most of the issues.  Be forewarned if you are (still) on a dial-up modem:  the pages are graphics heavy!

Jess Nevins did not annotate Smax #5, so Paul Andinach kindly stepped in to fill the void.

Joe Linton has done a really cool job annotating Alan Moore’s Splash Brannigan.

Joe Linton is also annotating Alan Moore’s Crossed plus One Hundred.

Damian Gordon and Pádraig Ó Méalóid, along with a lot of help from loads of fans, and major help from John Reppion, have annotated Alan Moore’s Albion comic.  Albion was “created” by Alan Moore, and written by Leah Moore and John Reppion.  You can get the annotations here.

Eamonn Clarke has annotated Alan Moore’s Judgment Day.

Paul Andinach has added notations for Supreme, building on Aaron Severson’s original annotations.  In addition, annotations for Supreme #41 were discussed on the UseNet.

Speaking of Supreme, Randal Yard has put together an Awesome Universe timeline, which covers all but the last few issues of Supreme.  He’s been kind enough to send it to me, so you can find it here.  The zipped version is 14K; unzipped is 44K.

Annotations to Moore’s parody of Marvel comics, 1963, were discussed on the UseNet back when it came out.  I compiled those annotations, and then HOLON further augmented them to create a new version 2.0.  You can find the full annotations here.

Ng Kiat Han has written annotations to Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbis’s 9-11 story, This is Information, which appeared in the first book (Artists Respond) of the two 911 memorial editions published in January 2002.

Art  Turner has written a blog titled Deciphering Hob’s Hog which is, as he calls it, “an attempt to make sense of the first chapter of Alan Moore’s VOICE OF THE FIRE.”

Ng Kiat Han has completed his annotations to the story “Young Alan Moore in “Saga of the Vile Thing”, by Darren Shan, found on Pages 95-99 of “Alan Moore: Portrait of An Extraordinary Gentleman”.  It’s a bibliography of sorts, very nicely crafted into the events of one day.

Finally, while not annotations per se, Jose Carlos Neves has a multi-lingual (Portuguese & English, but mostly Portuguese) website dedicated to Alan Moore that includes articles, pictures, a bibliography, and other sundry stuff (including an interview with my brother, Michael Karpas, since he does an Alan Moore bibliography).