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General Bibliography:


 1/82  Primer #2  (Short story Grendel features the first appearance of

         “Grendel” and “Argent” [Comico])

         Collected in the HC Grendel Archive Edition

 3/83  Grendel #1-3 (Mini-series in black and white [Comico]{3/83-2/84})

         HC Grendel Archive Edition collects 1-3 and the short story from

Primer #2

 2/84  Mage #1-15  (Maxi-series [Comico]{2/84-12/86}.  #6-14 feature     

         “Grendel” color back-ups.)

         TPB 1,2, and 3 collect 1-15

         HC Mage: The Hero Discovered collects 1-15 and the short story

            Interlude from Grendel 16-19

1985    Our Story Thus Far #2  (Wagner wrote and illustrated one page

        within this artist jam mini-series [Jabberwocky Graphix].

        5½” x 8½” format.)

10/86  Grendel: Devil by the Deed  (Oversize TPB reprinting of the

         “Grendel” back-up story serialized in Mage #6-14 [Comico])

10/86  Grendel #1-40  (“Grendel” stories:

         #1 Devil In Response (Pt.1 0f 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #2 Devil Head Raises (Pt.2 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #3 Devil’s Lash (Pt.3 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #4 Touch Not The Devil (Pt.4 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #5 Devil In Despair (Pt.5 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #6 Challenge The Devil (Pt.6 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #7 Devil’s Dance (Pt.7 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #8 After The Devil (Pt.8 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #9 Devil’s Revenge (Pt.9 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #10 Devil On Edge (Pt.10 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #11 Devil’s Rampage (Pt.11 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #12 Devil’s Ends (Pt.12 of 12) <a>Arnold and Jacob Pander

         #13 Bedevilled (Pt.1 of 3) <a>Bernie Mireault

         #14 Be The Devil (Pt.2 of 3) <a>Bernie Mireault

         #15 Beat The Devil (Pt.3 of 3) <a>Bernie Mireault

         #16-19 Grendel: Chapters 16-19 <a>Matt Wagner

         #20 The Devil Is Paranoiac (Pt.1 of 4) <a>Hannibal King

         #21 The Devil Is Conspiratorial (Pt.2 of 4) <a>Hannibal King

         #22 The Devil Is Hormonal (Pt.3 of 4) <a>Hannibal King

         #23 The Devil Is Ecclesiastical (Pt.4 of 4) <a>Tim Sale

         #24 Devil Reborn (Pt.1 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #25 Devil At Large (Pt.2 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #26 Devil’s Tracks (Pt.3 of 10) <a>Jay Geldhof

         #27 Devils, Devils Everywhere (Pt.4 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #28 Devils Driven (Pt.5 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #29 Devil’s Delusions (Pt.6 of 10) <a>Jay Geldhof

         #30 Devil Unveiled (Pt.7 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #31 Devil’s Holiday (Pt.8 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder

         #32 Devil’s Disclosure (Pt.9 of 10) <a>Jay Geldhof

         #33 Devil’s Demise (Pt.10 of 10) <a>John K. Snyder/Jay Geldhof

         #34 Devil In Name (Pt.1 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #35 Devil In Image (Pt.2 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #36 Devil In Intent (Pt.3 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #37 Devil In Deed (Pt.4 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #38 Devil In Drive (Pt.5 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #39 Devil In Mirror (Pt.6 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         #40 Devil Redeemed (Pt.7 of 7) <a>Tim Sale

         [Comico]{10/86-2/90}.  Note: Issues #16-19 feature a new Mage

         back-up story.  Issue #40 is a flip book featuring the first

         ‘Grendel Tale’ Devil Worship <w>Steve Seagle <a>Che Anderson.)

         TPB Devil’s Legacy collects 1-12

         TPB Devil Inside collects 13-15

         TPB God and the Devil collects 23-33

         TPB Grendel Omnibus (Vol.1): Hunter Rose collects Devil By The

             Deed, Grendel: Black, White, and Red, Grendel: Red, White,

             and Black, and Behold the Devil [Dark Horse]

   TPB Grendel Omnibus (Vol.2): The Legacy collects Devil Child,

       and 1-19 [Dark Horse]

         TPB Grendel Omnibus (Vol.3): Orion’s Reign collects 20-40

         TPB Grendel Omnibus (Vol.4): Prime collects War Child, Devil

             Quest, and Past Prime

 1/87  Demon #1-4  (Mini-series [DC]{1/87-4/87})

10/87  Grendel: Devil’s Vagary  (A 16-page black, white, and red comic  

         originally distributed as part of the Comico Collection <a>Dean

         Motter [Comico].  Reprinted in the Grendel: Black, White, and

         Red TPB.)

10/89  Silverback #1-3  (Mini-series featuring the origin of “Argent”    

         from Grendel <co-w>William Messner-Loebs <a>John Peck [Comico]


 6/90  A-1 #4  (Short ‘Grendel Tale’ Grendel: Devil’s Whisper <w>James 

         Robinson <a>D’israeli [Atomeka])

 6/90  Dark Horse Presents #40  (The Aerialist: Chapter 1 [Dark Horse])

11/90  Dark Horse Presents #45  (The Aerialist: Chapter 2 [Dark Horse])

 4/91  Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special  (TPB short story

         anthology includes The Aerialist: Chapter 3 [Dark Horse].  Note:

         This is the last chapter that has been published to date.)

 4/91  Sandman #25  (Season of Mists-Chapter 4 <w>Neil Gaiman [DC])

 7/91  Terminator One-Shot  (<w>James Robinson [Dark Horse])

         Collected in The Terminator Omnibus (Vol.1)

11/91  Miracleman: Apocrypha #1  (Short story Limbo [Eclipse])

 1991  True North II  (Short story Corpus Delicti <w>Jerry Prosser       

         [Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund])

 3/92  Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30  ([DC]{3/92-5/92})

         TPB Faces collects 28-30

 4/92  Demon #22  (Witch War [DC])

 8/92  Tarzan: Love, Lies and the Lost City #1  (Short story Tarzan’s

         First Love <a>Teddy Kristiansen [Malibu].  Flip book format.)

 8/92  Grendel: War Child #1-10  (<a>Patrick McEown [Dark Horse] {8/92-


         TPB collects 1-10

 8/92  San Diego Comic-Con Comics #1  (Jam issue featuring a humorous

         1-page “Grendel” piece <co-a>Tim Sale [Dark Horse])

12/92  Vertigo Preview #1  (Excerpt from Sandman Mystery Theatre [DC])

 4/93  Ray Bradbury Comics #2  (Short story adaptation It Burns Me Up

         <co-a>Harvey Kurtzman [Topps])

 4/93  Sandman Mystery Theatre #1-60, Annual #1 (<co-w>Steve Seagle        

         <a>various, most with Guy Davis [DC]{4/93-3/98})

         TPB SMT: The Tarantula collects 1-4

         TPB SMT: The Face and The Brute collects 5-12

         TPB SMT: The Vamp collects 13-16

         TPB SMT: The Scorpion collects 17-20

         TPB SMT: Dr. Death and The Night of the Butcher collects 21-28

         TPB SMT: The Hourman and The Python collects 29-36

         TPB SMT: The Mist and The Phantom of the Fair collects 37-44

         TPB SMT: The Blackhawk and the Return of the Scarlet Ghost

             collects 45-52

         TPB SMT: Book One collects 1-12

         TPB SMT: Book Two collects 13-24

 6/93  Urban Legends #1  (1-page story Stairmaster, Oh! [Dark Horse])

 7/93  Grendel: Devil by the Deed  (Standard-size comic reprint of the

         back-up story from Mage #6-14 with a new artist gallery [Dark


 8/93  Grendel Tales: Four Devils, One Hell #1-6  (Mini-series <w>James

         Robinson <a>Teddy Kristiansen [Dark Horse]{8/93-1/94})

         TPB collects 1-6

 8/93  Batman/Grendel: Devil’s Riddle  (Part one of two [DC/Comico])

 8/93  Grendel/Batman: Devil’s Masque  (Part two of two [Comico/DC])

1993    Grendel  (A free black & white booklet that was included within

        distributor Capital City’s Advance Comics magazine.  It includes

        three features:  The History Of Grendel: Devil In Reflection

        <w>Steve Seagle; Original Grendel Story <a>Matt Wagner, Bernie

        Mireault, John K. Snyder III, and Tim Sale; and a Matt Wagner

        bibliography [Dark Horse].  Note that a limited variant edition

        (425 copies) was included within the Grendel Kit.)

 2/94  Grendel Tales: Devil’s Hammer #1-3  (Mini-series <w>Rob Walton

         <a>Bernie Mireault/Kathryn Delaney [Dark Horse]{2/94-4/94}.

         Issue #1 features the beginning of the Devil’s Quest back-up


 5/94  Grendel Tales: The Devil in Our Midst #1-5  (Mini-series <w>Steve

         Seagle <a>Paul Grist [Dark Horse]{5/94-9/94}.  Continues the

         Devil’s Quest back-up serial.)

         TPB collects 1-5

 8/94  San Diego Comic-Con Comics #3  (Features a 2-page Devil Quest

         primer/preview [Dark Horse])

10/94  Grendel Tales: Devil and Deaths #1-2  (Mini-series <w>Darko Macan

         <a>Edvin Biukovic [Dark Horse]{10/94-11/94}.  Continues the 

         Devil’s Quest back-up serial.)

         TPB Devils and Deaths collects 1-2 and Devil’s Choices 1-4

11/94  Vertigo Rave #1  (Sandman Mystery Theatre preview [DC])

12/94  Grendel Tales: Homecoming #1-3  (<w/a>Patrick McEown [Dark Horse]

         {12/94-2/95}.  Continues the Devil’s Quest back-up serial.)

         TPB collects 1-3

 1994  Vertigo trading card: Bonus card #VI  (Sandman Mystery Theatre    

         <a>Kent Williams [Skybox])

 1994  Batman Adventures Annual #1  (Short story Puppet Show <w>Paul     

         Dini <co-a>Mike Parobeck [DC])

 3/95  Grendel Tales: Devil’s Choices #1-4  (Mini-series <w>Darko Macan

         <w>Edvin Biukovic [Dark Horse]{3/95-6/95}.  Issue #1 includes

         the last installment of the Devil’s Quest back-up serial.)

         TPB Devils and Deaths collects 1-4 and Devils and Deaths 1-2

 7/95  Grendel Classics #1-2  (Re-colored reprints of Grendel #16-19

         stories Devil Tracks and Devil Eyes [Dark Horse]{7/95-8/95})

         TPB Devil Tales collects Devil Tracks and Devil Eyes

 9/95  Sandman Midnite Theatre  (One-shot x-over of Sandman and Sandman

         Mystery Theatre <co-w>Neil Gaiman <a>Teddy Kristiansen [DC])

10/95  Grendel Cycle  (Includes an alphabetical primer, story synopsis,

         and cover gallery [Dark Horse])

11/95  Grendel: Devil’s Quest  (Collects the serialized back-up story

         from Grendel Tales; it is a prelude (and epilogue) to the

         second “Batman/Grendel” x-over [Dark Horse])

12/95  Grendel Tales: The Devil May Care #1-6  (Mini-series <w>Terry

         LaBan <a>Peter Doherty [Dark Horse]{12/95-5/96})

         TPB collects 1-6

 1995  Batman/Riddler: The Riddle Factory  (<a>Dave Taylor [DC])

 1/96  Savage Hulk  (Short story Vision-Quest <a>Pat McEown [Marvel])

 6/96  Batman/Grendel II, Book 1: Devil’s Bones  (Part one of two [Dark


 7/96  Grendel/Batman II, Book 2: Devils Dance  (Part two of two [Dark


 7/96  A Decade of Dark Horse #1  (Short story Grendel: The Devil’s Week

         [Dark Horse])

 8/96  Batman: Black and White #3  (Short story Heist [DC])

 7/97  Mage: The Hero Defined #0  (Ordered exclusively through American

          Entertainment catalog [Image])

 7/97  Mage: The Hero Defined #1-15  (Maxi-series [Image]{7/97-10/99})

         TPB Vol.1 collects 1-4

         TPB Vol.2 collects 5-8

         TPB Vol.3 collects 9-12

         TPB Vol.4 collects 13-15

         TPB Mage: Vol.2 collects 1-15

         HC Mage: The Hero Defined collects 1-15

 9/97  Grendel Tales: The Devil’s Apprentice #1-3 (Mini-series

         <w>Jeffrey Lang <a>Steve Lieber [Dark Horse]{9/97-11/97})

 1/98  Vertigo: Winter’s Edge #1 (Short story Sandman Mystery Theatre:

         Spirit of the Season <co-w>Steve Seagle <a>John K. Snyder III


 1/98  Oni Double Feature #1  (Story Jay & Silent Bob In: Walt

         Flanagan’s Dog <w>Kevin Smith [Oni Press])

 2/98  Mage: The Hero Defined #1 3-D  (Reprints the first issue in 3-D


11/98  Grendel: Black, White, & Red #1-4  (An anthology of black, white,

         and red short stories featuring “Hunter Rose” <a>various [Dark


         TPB collects 1-4 plus the Grendel: Devil’s Vagary story from the

         Comico Collection

12/98  Mage: The Hero Discovered: Book I – Book VIII  (Remastered serial

         edition collecting the original Mage series [Image]{12/98-9/99})

 2/99  Doctor Mid-Nite #1-3  (Mini-series <a>John K. Snyder III [DC]


         TPB collects 1-3

 6/99  Grendel: Devil Child #1-2 (‘Grendel Tales’ story <w>Diana Schutz

         <a>Tim Sale/Teddy Kristiansen [Dark Horse]{6/99-8/99})

         HC collects 1-2

 3/00  Grendel: Devil’s Legacy #1-12  (Remastered reprint of Grendel

         #1-12 from the original series <a>the Pander Bros. [Dark


         TPB collects 1-12

 7/00  Grendel: Past Prime  (Illustrated novel <w>Greg Rucka [Dark


11/00  Green Lantern/Superman: Legend of the Green Flame  (Wagner

         illustrated 3 pages of this story <w>Neil Gaiman [DC])

 4/01  Ultimate Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man & Wolverine #1  (<w>Brian

         Michael Bendis [Marvel].  Reprinted in the Ultimate Marvel

         Team-Up TPB.)

 7/01  Dark Horse Maverick 2001  (Short story Grendel: Devil’s Duel [Dark


 7/01  Occupational Hazards #2  (Short story The Devil’s @$$hole <a>Rick

         Beckley [CD Comics/CBLDF])

 9/01  Grendel: The Devil Inside #1-3  (Remastered reprint of Grendel

         #13-15 <a>Bernie Mireault [Dark Horse]{9/01-11/01}))

         TPB collects 1-3

 7/02  Dark Horse Extra #49-50  (Free fold-out preview includes the short

         story Grendel: Scared Of The Devil (Midnight Looms…) [Dark


 9/02  Grendel: Red, White, & Black #1-4  (Short story anthology

         <a>various [Dark Horse]{9/02-12/02})

         TPB collects 1-4 plus Devil’s Week from A Decade Of Dark Horse

         #1, Scared Of The Devil from Dark Horse Extra #49-50, and

         Devil’s Duel from Dark Horse Maverick 2001.

 1/03  Grendel: God and the Devil #0-10  (Remastered reprinting of

         Grendel #23-33 <a>various [Dark Horse]{1/03-12/03})

         TPB collects 0-10

 6/03  Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity #1-3  (Mini-series [DC]


         TPB collects 1-3

         HC collects 1-3

12/03  AutobioGraphix  (TPB anthology includes the short story Comic Book

        Chef [Darks Horse])

 5/04  Grendel: Devil’s Reign #1-7  (Remastered reprinting of Grendel

         #34-40 <a>Tim Sale [Dark Horse]{5/04-12/04})

 7/04 presents: The Hire: Scandal #1  (1-shot [Dark Horse])

12/04  Mage: The Hero Discovered  (HC collection of Mage #1-15 and the

         short story Interlude from Grendel #16-19.  Also included is

         cover art and commentary [Image])

 8/05  Mage: The Hero Defined  (HC collection of the maxi-series [Image])

10/05  Vertigo: First Offenses  (TPB includes a reprint of Sandman

         Mystery Theatre #1 [DC])

 1/06  Batman and The Monster Men #1-6  (Mini-series [DC]{1/06-6/06})

         TPB collects 1-6

 7/06  Dark Horse Twenty Years  (Includes a pinup of ‘The Goon’ by Wagner

         [Dark Horse])

10/06  Batman and The Mad Monk #1-6  (Mini-series [DC]{10/06-3/07})

         TPB collects 1-6

 1/07  Usagi Yojimbo (Vol.3) #100 (Wagner contributed 1 page of art

   <w>Diana Schutz [Dark Horse])

 5/07  Grendel Archive Edition  (HC collects the earliest black & white

   “Grendel” material from Comico’s Primer #2 and Grendel #1-3

   [Dark Horse])

 7/07  Grendel: Behold the Devil #0  ([Dark Horse])

11/07  Grendel: Behold The Devil #1-8  (Mini-series [Dark Horse]{11/07-


         HC collects 0-8

11/07  The Art of Matt Wagner’s Grendel  (HC book [Dark Horse])

 2/08  Zorro #1-20  (<a>Francesco Francavilla [Dynamite Entertainment]


   HC Zorro (Vol.1): Year One: Trail of the Fox collects 1-8

   HC Zorro (Vol.2): Clashing Blades collects 9-14

   TPB Zorro (Vol.1): Year One: Trail of the Fox collects 1-8

   TPB Zorro (Vol.2): Clashing Blades collects 9-14

   TPB Zorro (Vol.3): Tales of the Fox collects 15-20

 2/08  Batman/Grendel  (TPB collects both mini-series Batman/Grendel and

         Batman/Grendel II.  There is also a HC limited edition [300

         copies + 65 artist proof copies][Dark Horse/DC])

 3/08  Grendel: Devil’s Quest  (HC collection of the serialized back-up

   story from Grendel Tales; it is a prelude (and epilogue)to the

   second “Batman/Grendel” x-over [Dark Horse])

 7/08  The Unmen #10  (Includes a 7-page preview of Madame Xanadu #1

         <a>Amy Reeder Hadley [DC] Note: This preview also appears in

         Hellblazer #244, 100 Bullets #91, Northlanders #6, Crossing

   Midnight #19, Jack of Fables #23, and Fables #73.)

 8/08  Madame Xanadu #1-29  (<a>Amy Reeder Hadley [DC]{8/08-1/11})

         TPB Madame Xanadu: Disenchanted collects 1-10

         TPB Madame Xanadu: Exodus Noir collects 11-15

         TPB Madame Xanadu: Broken House of Cards collects 16-21

         TPB Madame Xanadu: Extra Sensory collects 24-29

12/09  House of Mystery Annual #1  (Includes a short story Madame Xanadu

   in: Captive Audience” <a>Amy Reeder Hadley [DC])

 3/10  The Green Hornet: Year One #1-12  (<a>Aaron Campbell [Dynamite


   TPB Green Hornet: Year One - The Sting of Justice collects 1-6

   TPB Green Hornet: Year One – The Biggest of All Game collects 7-


   TPB Green Hornet: Year One Omnibus collects 1-12

 5/10  Green Hornet #1 (FCBD 2010 Edition)  (Includes a preview of The

   Green Hornet: Year One #1 <a>Aaron Campbell [Dynamite


10/10  Image Firsts: Mage #1  ($1.00 introductory reprint issue [Image])

12/10  House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2  (Includes a short untitled

         “Madame Xanadu” story <a>Brandon Graham[DC])

 8/11  Zorro Rides Again #1-12  (Maxi-series <a>Esteve Polls [Dynamite


   TPB Zorro Rides Again (Vol.1): Masked Avenger collects 1-6

   TPB Zorro Rides Again (Vol.2): The Wrath of a Lady collects 7-12

10/11  CBLDF presents Liberty Annual 2011  (Includes a short story

   Grendel: Sympathy From the Devil [Image/CBLDF])

 5/12  Rocketeer Adventures 2 #3  (Short story History Lesson <a>Eric

   Canete [IDW])

 9/12  The Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk #1-4  (Mini-series <a>Simon

         Bisley [Legendary Comics]{9/12-3/13})

         HC The Tower Chronicles: Geisthawk collects 1-4 [Marvel/

Legendary Comics])

 2/13  The Shadow: Year One #1-10  (Maxi-series <a>Wilfredo Torres

         [Dynamite Entertainment]({2/13-9/14})

         HC collects 1-10

         TPB collects 1-10

 8/14  The Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker #1-12  (<a>Simon Bisley

         [Legendary Comics]{8/14-7/15})

         TPB The Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker (Vol.1) collects 1-6

         TPB The Tower Chronicles: Dreadstalker (Vol.2) collects 7-12

 9/14  Grendel vs The Shadow #1-3  (Mini-series [Dark Horse/Dynamite]


   HC collects 1-3

11/14  Django/Zorro #1-7  (Mini-series <co-w>Quentin Tarantino <a>Esteve

   Polls [DC/Dynamite]{11/14-5/15})

   HC Django/Zorro collects 1-7

 6/15  The Shadow #100 (Includes a short story The Curse of Blackbeard’s

         Skull [Dynamite])

 7/15  Will Eisner’s The Spirit #1-12 (<a>Dan Schkade [Dynamite]{7/15-


         HC Will Eisner’s The Spirit (Vol.1): The Spirit Returns collects


10/15  The Tower Chronicles: FellQuest #1-11  (<a>Simon Bisley [Legendary

         Comics]{10/15-11/16} Note: Serial issues published in virtual

         format only)

         TPB collects 1-11

 6/16  The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane #1-5  (Mini-series [Dynamite


   HC collects 1-5

   HC limited edition collects 1-5 and the short story from The

   Shadow #100















NOTE:  The ‘Grendel Tales’ are not written or penciled by Matt Wagner,

       but they are listed here as an important part of the ongoing      

       “Grendel” story.


NOTE:  Cover and pin-up artwork is not included in this listing.




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