Bibliographies by Richard Arndt

I’ve broken the bibliographies into 4 parts because the listing is somewhat long:

  1. Bibliographies by Michael Karpas (and now Peter Karpas)
  2. Bibliographies by Richard Arndt
  3. Other bibliographies by fans
  4. Bibliographies by the artists themselves


Bibliographies by Richard Arndt

Richard is always looking for feedback.  As he’s said in one e-mail to me, “If you spot any mistakes, want to make some comments or just want to argue something, let me know.”  E-mail me here at enjolrasworld if you’d like Richard’s e-mail address.

Listed Alphabetically

Richard Arndt has done an amazing run on early comic independents and fanzines.

Richard has done an interview with Angelique: The Unconventional ComiCon Costumer, filled with pictures as well.  Here’s a link to a Word doc version of it as well.

The Early Independents” covers a host of early magazines.  It starts with Witzend Magazine, the first of the independent or “indy” magazines.  Premiering in 1966, it published 13 issues over almost two decades, most of them between 1966-1971 and provided a welcome link between mainstream comics and the then-new underground movement.  Witzend publisher and editor Bill Pearson has even supplied some comments in the notes.  “The Early Independents” then covers Abyss, Andromeda, Big Apple Comix, Bop, Colour Your Dreams, D’Arc Tangent, Dr. Wirtham’s Comix & Stories, Faerie Star, Future Day, Gates of Eden, Heritage, High Adventure, The Horns of Elfland, Hot Stuf’, I’ll be Damned, Imagination, Infinity, The Journal of Popular Culture, New Paltz Comix, Orb, Phase, Reality, Scream Door, Tesserae, This is Legend, Venture, Voyages, and Witzend (whew!).  Richard has also added interviews Connor Freff Cochran, Robert Gerson, Adam Malin, and Doug Murray.  You can find “The Early Independents” here in Word doc format.

[On a related note, Richard is looking for some help on I’ll Be Damned, Infinity, Orb, and Venture, so if you have issues of these magazines please contact him.]

Richard Arndt has a new index — for IDW Publishing.  To quote Richard, “At last a return to the full-size B&W horror magazines of the 1960s-1990s!”  It includes an interview with IDW’s editor-in-chief Chris Rydall.  You can get it here in Word doc format.

Richard’s latest is for Negative Burn, an anthology “as ambitious in scope as any B&W magazine around”.  You can get ithere in Word doc format.

Richard’s first checklist was for the 1970’s comic “Star*Reach”.  I highly recommend looking at this one, because at the beginning Richard makes a thought-provoking case for Star*Reach as the most important comic of the 1970’s.  It now even includes a long interview with publisher Mike Friedrich, a mini-interview with Steve Leialoha, and an interview with artist/writer Mike Vosburg.  You can also get it here in Word doc format.

Richard has indexed Taboo (which included, among other things, the first publication of Alan Moore’s “From Hell” series).  You can get it here in Word doc format.

…in addition, Richard continues to interview many of the creators who worked on the Warren Magazines.  At this point, he’s interviewed Bob Toomey, Clark Dimond, Barbara Leigh, Don Glut, Timothy Moriarty, Jerry Grandenetti, David Allikas, and Don McGregor.  You can get all those interviews here at the Warren Magazine Interviews page, or in Word document format.

[Also, something pretty cool has come about with a little bit of help from Richard.  As Richard wrote:  “I’m really happy that I got Don & Joe Pruett together ’cause there’s going to be new Sabre & Detectives, Inc. stories coming out of it.”]

Richard Arndt’s latest is the British — magazine Warrior, famed for V for Vendetta, Marvelman, The Bojeffries Saga, Father Shandor: Demon Stalker, The Spiral Path, and Madman, among other things.  He also has an interview with its founder, Dez Skinn!  You can get it here in Word doc format.

Finally, similar to his index of Skywald’s black & white horror magazines, he has now created an index for Web of Horror.  Web of Horror, among other things, included Bruce Jones’ professional debut.  It even includes an interview with former Eclipse publisher Dean Mullaney.  You can get the entire thing in a Word document format as well (182kb file size).

BIG NEWS:  Richard Arndt has a book contract!  Tentatively titled “Black Days, Darker Nights: The Twenty Year History of the Black & White Horror Magazines“, it will include information from the below checklists (plus other stuff).  For this reason, Richard has asked me to take these checklists down.  Be on the lookout for the book!

While not a bibliography per se, Richard Arndt has created The Complete Skywald Checklist, with complete credits.  Hosted exclusively here at enjolrasworld, they cover the black and white magazines Nightmare, Psycho, Scream, Hell Rider, The Crime Machine (both issues), Science Fiction Odyssey (the single issue), as well as their related annuals and specials.  New as of September is the addition of all the Skywald color comics — Blazing Six-Guns, Wild Western Action, Jungle Adventures, Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, The Bravados, and The Heap.  With the help of Al Hewetson (writer of many of the stories and editor of the line), who gave him access to his notes and checklists, many of the “mysteries” have been solved.  In addition, at the end of the index are interviews with Al Hewetson, Ed Fedory, and Augustine Funnell.  Richard conducted the Hewetson interview less than a month before Al sadly passed away; following the interview is a short remembrance written by Richard.  You can get the entire thing in a Word document format as well (253kb file size).

Richard has indexed the Warren Magazines, which were, as he says “the big cheese in the black & white horror magazine boom for the 1960s-1970s, if only because they were there first and they lasted the longest.”  [Note: it’s a large 1.7MB page, so be patient.]  As always, exclusively hosted here at enjolrasworld.  You can get the entire thing in a Word document format as well (1.1MB file size)…

Richard Arndt’s also done the Marvel Black and White Horror Magazines.  It includes interviews with Steve Bissette and Tim Conrad.  You can get it here in Word doc format.


By the way, if you like Richard’s stuff, you also might want to check out Keith Smith’s massive “index and collector’s guide” to Eerie Publications.  Just two quick stats for you:  it’s 195 pages (!) and 88,836 words.  It includes the index itself plus a brief history of Eerie Publications, a checklist, brief bios of the artists, a listing of other personnel who worked at the company, artist & story cross-indexes, a pre-code index, and (finally) his favorite stories.  Check out the word doc here, or the HTML version here (caution:  long load times depending on the speed of your connection).