In addition to the links on the Annotations and Bibliographies pages, the following people or sites helped me in this process, helped my brother compile his bibliographies, or just deserve a visit.

Thanks for Help with this Site

Thanks to Alex Mills for words of encouragement and for letting me know about the Radioactive Man annotations, the Classic Comic Books site, and the Hellboy stuff.

Craig Klein gets my thanks for the V for Vendetta logo image.  Check out his V for Vendetta Shrine site here.

David Wald gets my thanks as the original source of the V for Vendetta and Watchmen annotations, which I’ve put on the site.

Thanks to Tim Von Cloedt for letting me know about the annotations for Batman: The Long Halloween.

Thanks to Cliff Homewood for letting me know about the Warren Ellis bibliography.

Thanks to Philip Graves for the incredibly nice words, as well as the bug report!

Thanks to Dr. Joseph Camhi, who was kind enough to let me know of a bug in the Version 2.0 re-make of the site that prevented some of the bibliographies from showing, as well as for pointing out the two good Frank Miller sites.

Thanks to John Thorpe for letting me know about the Planetary annotations.

Thanks to Saranga Komanduri for pointing out the change in location for the Flex Mentallo annotations.


Bibliography Thank You’s and Acknowledgements

Please see the section in the first bibliographies page, here.

Thanks to Richard Arndt for finding the Neal Adams site.

Thanks to Wheeler Hall for letting me know about a couple of author’s bibliographies.


Cool Sites

The Ultimate Manga Site (formerly the Usenet Manga Guide) has an extensive titles index, synopses, and translations for Manga-related comics. examines the real issues that inspire and that are referenced in some comic books.  It’s an interesting combination of journalism and comics.

Friend Sites

My friend Nick is trying to get his Google score up, and asked me to put a link to his blog.  Here it is Nick!  Nick Brosnahan.

Same for QuickBooks Financial Software: Online Edition (also known less precisely as QuickBooks Online Edition), which some of my friends helped build.

And here’s a link to my wife’s company — she’s an artist who makes cloth dolls and puppets based on folk and fairy tale characters.  She also “runs” a cloth doll hospital:

My friend Todd Martin has created a high-end Tamale restaurant, probably the best tamale restaurant in the world:  the Tucson Tamale Company.  And yes, they do mail order.  As someone who didn’t really like tamales all that much until I tried Todd’s, all I can say is they’re highly recommended.


Sites That Have Asked for Reciprocal Links — directory of comics related websites and discussion groups.