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                              Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good



General Bibliography:


10/95  Mallrats Companion  (TPB includes the full movie script, photos,

   and extras [Kitchen Sink Press].  Note:  This book was reprinted

   in 2005 by Graphitti Designs/ViewAskew)

 3/97  Clerks/Chasing Amy: Two Screenplays  ([Talk Miramax Books])

 1/98  Oni Double Feature #1  (Short story Jay & Silent Bob In: Walt

         Flanagan’s Dog <a>Matt Wagner [Oni Press])

 2/98  Clerks. (The Comic Book)  (<a>Jim Mahfood [Oni Press])

 7/98  Jay & Silent Bob #1-4  (Mini-series <a>Duncan Fegredo [Oni Press]


         TPB Chasing Dogma collects 1-4

10/98  Daredevil #0  (Available only as an online ‘cybercomicWhat A

         Life… <a>Joe Quesada [Marvel].  It can now be found on Smith’s

         website at

11/98  Daredevil (Vol.2) #1-8  (Guardian Devil <a>Joe Quesada [Marvel]


         TPB Marvel’s Finest: Daredevil by Kevin Smith collects 1-3

         TPB Daredevil Visionaries: Kevin Smith collects 1-8

         HC Daredevil: Guardian Devil collects 1-8

12/98  Clerks. (Holiday Special)  (<a>Jim Mahfood [Oni Press])

 5/99  Oni Double Feature #12  (Short story Bluntman & Chronic In: The

         Derris Affair <a>Mike Allred [Oni Press])

 8/99  Dogma: A Screenplay  ([Hyperion Books])

9/99  Daredevil #½  (The Devil Discussed <a>various [Marvel/Wizard].

        Available for a limited time by mail from an offer in Wizard


11/99  Talk Magazine  (Includes a 1-page story Clerks. In “On the Perils

         of Cinema” <a>Jim Mahfood [Talk].  It can now also be found on

         Smith’s website at

12/99  Clerks. (The Lost Scene)  (<a>Phil Hester [Oni Press]) 

 4/01  Green Arrow (Vol.2) #1-15  (<a>Phil Hester [DC]{4/01-9/02})

         HC Green Arrow: Quiver collects 1-10

         TPB Green Arrow: Quiver collects 1-10

         HC Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence collects 11-15

         TPB Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence collects 11-15

         HC Absolute Green Arrow collects 1-15

 6/01  Marvel Knights Magazine #1-5  (Includes an issue by issue

         reprinting of Daredevil (Vol.2) #1-5 <a>Joe Quesada [Marvel]

         {6/01-10/01}.  Discontinued series.)

 7/01  Clerks  (TPB collection of Clerks. (The Comic Book), Clerks.

         (Holiday Special), and Clerks. (The Lost Scene) [Image])

 8/01  Wizard Special Edition: Kevin Smith Spectacular!  (Features

         interviews and various Smith-related articles [Wizard Press])

 8/01  The New York Times Magazine 8/26/01  (Short story My Date With

         Destiny! <a>Joe Quesada [New York Times].  Humorous story

         relating how Smith met his wife.)

 9/01  Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back: The Screenplay  ([Talk Miramax


10/01  High Times #314  (Includes an interview and a 3-page “Bluntman &

         Chronicstory <a>Michael Avon Oeming/Pat Garrahy [High Times])

12/01  Heroes  (Magazine-size benefit issue for the 9/11 WTC disaster

         includes A Hero’s Thoughts <a>Joe Quesada/Todd Mcfarlane/

         Richard Isanove [Marvel])

12/01  Bluntman And Chronic  (Original TPB collection of “Bluntman and

         Chronic” short stories <a>Michael Avon Oeming/Pat Garrahy

         [Image].  It also includes a color reprint of the short story

         from Oni Double Feature #2.)

 2/02  A Moment Of Silence  (9/11 WTC disaster tribute issue includes the

         short story Periphery <a>John Romita Jr. [Marvel])

 2/02  Panel One: Comic Book Scripts By Top Writers  (Includes the script

         to Jay & Silent Bob In: Walt Flanagan’s Dog from Oni Double

         Feature #1 [About Comics])

 8/02  Spider-Man and the Black Cat: “The Evil That Men Do” #1-6  (Mini-

         series <a>Terry Dodson [Marvel]{8/02-3/06} Note: Originally a

         4-issue mini-series, expanded to 6 issues.)

         HC collects 1-6

         TPB collects 1-6

 1/03  Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target #1  (Discontinued 4-issue mini-

         series.  Only the first issue was published <a>Glenn Fabry


 8/04  Writers On Comics Scriptwriting #2  (Paperback includes an

         interview with Smith [Titan Books])

 4/05  Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith

         (Collection of essays, etc. by Smith [Miramax Books])

11/05  Marvel Must Haves: Spider-Man & The Black Cat: “The Evil That Men

         Do”  (Collects 1-3 plus an 8-page preview of the long-delayed

         issue #4 <a>Terry Dodson [Marvel])

 7/06  Clerks II: The Screenplay  (TPB format [Graphitti Designs])

10/06  Tales From The Clerks  (TPB collects all of the Clerks comic

   material as well as a new story Where’s The Beef <a>Jim Mahfood

   [Graphitti Designs] Note: There is a hardcover signed/numbered

   limited edition (500 copies))

 9/07  My Boring Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith

         (Paperback [Titan Books] Note: A revised edition will be

         published in 2009.)

 1/09  Batman: Cacophony #1-3  (Mini-series <a>Walt Flanagan [DC]{1/09-


         HC collects 1-3

         TPB collects 1-3

 9/09  Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast

   (Transcribed podcast conversations [Titan Books])

10/09  Batman: The Widening Gyre #1-6  (Mini-series <a>Walter Flanagan


         HC collects 1-6

         TPB collects 1-6

 3/10  Green Hornet #1-10  (<a>Jonathan Lau [Dynamite Entertainment]


   HC Green Hornet (Vol.1) Sins of the Father collects 1-5

   HC Green Hornet (Vol.2) Wearing O’ the Green collects 6-10

   TPB Green Hornet (Vol.1) Sins of the Father collects 1-5

   TPB Green Hornet (Vol.2) Wearing O’ the Green collects 6-10

 5/10  Green Hornet #1 (FCBD 2010 Edition)  (Includes a preview of the

   maxi-series <a>Jonathan Lau [Dynamite Entertainment])

 8/11  The Bionic Man #1-10  (<co-w>Phil Hester <a>Jonathan Lau [Dynamite


         TPB The Bionic Man (Vol.1): Some Assembly Required collects 1-10

 3/12  Tough Sh*t: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good

         ([Gotham Books])

 7/14  Jay & Silent Bob’s Blueprints for Destroying Everything  (<co-w>

         Jason Mewes <a>Steve Starkey [Gallery Books])

 8/14  Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet #1-6  (Mini-series <co-w>Ralph

   Garman <a>Ty Templeton [DC/Dynamite]{8/14-1/15})

   HC collects 1-6

   TPB collects 1-6

 1/16  Yoga Hosers: A Sundance Super Special  (1-shot <a>Jeff Quigley

   [Dynamite Entertainment] Note: Limited edition book released at

   the Sundance Film Festival.)











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