Images from the French version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

by Jess Nevins, with humble thanks to Marc Madouraud for providing these images.

(The text here, except where otherwise credited, is © copyright 2001 Jess Nevins, and may not be duplicated, in part or in whole, without my permission. The images here are © copyright 2001 America's Best Comics, and are reproduced here without permission)

The following images were sent to me by Marc Madouraud, who when asked if they were real or more faux ads said,

About them, I can say that :

Les Sables d'Olonnes is a real french town;
The High-Life Taylor was a real shop at the beginning of the 20th century;
Thomen, who signed the strip, was a real artist of the same time.

My opinion ? I think these ads are not fakes.

So presumably they are the real thing.

The cover to the French version of League


Various ads

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