SpaceKnights #2 Annotations
by Lee K. Seitz
Version 1.1 - 12 Oct 2000

Copyright 2000 Lee K. Seitz
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*** Spoilers ho! ***

All character listings are from left to right, top to bottom unless otherwise indicated.  Characters listed as [unknown] will be filled in as soon as the needed issue is released.  Identities of characters listed as [?] are uncertain.  (Help is welcome.)  For brevity, all members of the new generation of Spaceknights are *not* designated with their appropriate Roman numeral.

A Guide to Spaceknights' Real Names:
Firefall           Tarn
Hammerhand   Bron
Javelin           Darin
Liberator        Tristan
Lightningbolt   Rand
Pulsar              Lan
Scanner           Rhanla
Sentry             Val
Starshine         Anarra
Terminator      Balin


Cover:  Firefall, Terminator, Javelin, Pulsar, Lightningbolt, Hammerhand, Scanner, Liberator, Starshine, Sentry.

General:  Batista did uncredited script revisions.

Page 1:  Notice the Angel Elite patrolling in the background.

Page 3, panel 1:  Tristan says this is *another* vision, but readers have not seen him have one before.

Page 3, panel 1:  The "Mystical Dire Wraith" does not look like any Dire Wraith readers have seen before.  Since Tristan recognizes it, apparently the Galadorians know more than we do.  (In Batista's unused script revision, he does not recognize the image, it simply projects hatred.)

Page 3, panel 2:  And now Lord Gaspar appears.  Apparently he's been replaced by a Dire Wraith.  Dire Wraiths are shape-changers with the ability to absorb the memories of other creatures, killing them in the process.  (But they do not *have* to absorb the memories of another being to imitate its appearance.)

Page 4, panel 1:  Axadar rejected Balin in the previous issue.

Page 5, panel 1:  Batista's unused script revision states many of the Spaceknights in his squad are children of the originals.  You might wonder how this is possible, considering all the Spaceknights' unused tissue stored on Galador was destroyed in ROM #75.  I can't say for sure, but I imagine with the proper cloning techniques new body parts could be created from the humanity still in use in their armor.

Page 5, panel 2:  Terminator, Sentry, Javelin, Hammerhand, Lightningbolt, Firefall, Starshine, Pulsar, Scanner, and Liberator.

Pages 6-7:  There are no known first generation Spaceknights bearing the names of Sentry and Liberator.  Except for Starshine, none of the current Spaceknights' armor resembles their predecessors.
 * The first Hammerhand, who may be Bron's father, had mace-like fists.  He was last seen in ROM #27.
 * The first Scanner had no offensive powers, only greatly enhanced senses.  She was killed in ROM #75.
 * The original Terminator was discussed in last issue's annotations.
 * The original Firefall, Karas, was wielder of the Living Flame of Galador and Rom's best friend.  He was captured during the Dire Wraith attack on Galador and last seen inhabiting Limbo in ROM #19.
 * The original Pulsar, Plor, was able to generate force fields for both offensive and defensive purposes.  He was mortally wounded by a Deathwing during a solo encounter with some Dire Wraiths and ultimately perished in ROM ANNUAL #4.
 * The original Starshine, Landra, could emit light beams from her eyes for various effects.  These seem to be the powers the current Starshine has as well.  Starshine threw herself in front of Rom to protect him from a surprise Dire Wraith attack and died shortly thereafter (ROM #28).  (Lady Prime) Brandy Clark was later magically merged with the armor.  She later used her powers to completely redesign the look of the armor.  It is this design that the current Starshine's armor resembles.
 * The only previously known Spaceknight by the name of Lightningbolt was a member of the rogue Spaceknights who destroyed Galador.  He threw lightning-shaped bolts of energy, rather than projecting electricity directly from his armor.  He was killed by Galador's remaining humans in ROM #73.  It's possible there was an unknown Spaceknight from the original generation that the second (and current) one was named for.
 * The original Javelin, who was also named Darin and may be the current Javelin's father, used a Plandanium javelin as a weapon. Before the senior Darin became a Spaceknight, he was already well known for his spear-throwing ability.

Page 9, panel 5:  The sub-space batteries don't appear form nowhere, but from sub-space (hence their name).  This is the same method used by some of the original Spaceknights, including Rom, to summon their weapons and the current Spaceknights to summon their armor.

Page 9, panel 5:  Note that in Batista's unused script revision, these are *not* Galadorian batteries, but remote Trion sentries (called Sentinels).  This makes much more sense, considering their design (it doesn't look Galadorian) and the explosions around Terminator in panel 6.

Page 11, panel 1:  Liberator must have summoned his weapon from sub-space between panels.  Its powers are unknown.

Page 12, panel 1:  The caption would seem to indicate that Tristan is narrating this story sometime after it took place and has since acquired additional knowledge about the goings-on.

Page 13, panel 4:  This is the second time this issue Sentry has been witness to Terminator's rash behavior.  (See page 4, panel 6.)  How much more will he take?

Page 16, panel 2:  The Wraiths' long-range scanning unit is of Galadorian design.  Previously, the Wraiths have been unable to duplicate Galadorian technology.  (The same goes for Spaceknight armor, in particular.)

Page 16, panel 4:  Notice that unlike the Galadorian Spaceknights, the Wraithknights all seem to wear the same armor.

Page 16, panel 5:  Batista's script says "masking spells", not "masking projectors."  This indicates these Wraiths are using a combination of science and sorcery, not just one or the other.

Page 16, panel 5:  The Wraithknights' eyes appear to be on the sides of their heads instead of the front.  It would appear they do not use any of their usual forms while wearing their armor.

Page 17, panel 4:  Tristan didn't duck to avoid the shot, but from the pain his visions cause.

Page 19, panel 2:  Teleportation is a science previously unknown to both the Galadorians and Dire Wraiths.  (Although summoning inanimate objects from sub-space might be seen as some form of it.)  Dire Wraith witches have been shown to use spells to transport themselves in the past, however.

Page 20, panel 4:  Apparently the rest of the squad finished searching their sectors already.

Page 21, panel 5:  Val's cast is missing.  Apparently searching the sectors took some time.

-- END --