Subject: [ANNOTATION] Sovereign Seven Plus Annotations
Date: 1997/01/11
Message-ID: <>#1/1
organization: AOL
newsgroups: rec.arts.comics.dc.universe

Okay, this is a partial annotation for Sovereign Seven Plus. It's designed to help new readers understand what's going on, so I'm skipping anything that isn't important, or is self-explanatory. I'm focusing on S7, though there will be a few LSH annots, as well.

p.1- Network loaned her armor to Sheriff Molly, which is why you see the photo on the desk, and is a partial explanation for the mix-up on p. 8.

p. 4, panel 1- In order to save a telepathic baby from slavery in a mafia-like organization, Network pretended to be controlled by an agent of the group, and kidnapped Cascade and Conal at the leader's request while playing spy. When the truth was revealed, Cascade, the team leader, lost faith in her own judgment and quit.

panel 2- Many S7 fans are speculating that Daisy is actually Finale, if that affects your interpretation of the story in any way.

panel 3- Cruiser's telekinesis powers itself by consuming Cruiser's body mass, which is why he's constantly stuffing his face. (Similar to, but not the same as, Wally's old limitation- you actually see Cruiser's body gain and lose weight.

p. 6, panel 4- All of the Sovereigns come from other dimensions, where they are. . . well, Sovereigns. Some of them are quite clearly similar to Earth, or parts of it, as with Walter, who says he's a Viking, or Rampart, who comes from an Islamic world.

p. 8, panel 6- This is the Sheriff of Crossroads, who has a past as mysterious as any of the members', and who often takes part in their adventures. Has a mysterious connection to the group Network pretended to work for.

p. 11- Molly has some sort of powers, and apparently training in the Japanese Samurai tradition, although not much has been revealed about this yet. The events of this page are due to the incredible honing of her mind, not any psychic powers.

p. 17- Jack is Mitch's werewolf boyfriend. I've been told that they preexisted the series, possibly from a non-comics source, but I can't remember where. This is the first mention of a connection between them and Toby Merlin and Avalon.

p. 19, panels 4 and 5- While Casey and Daisy were trapped in another dimension, Daisy gave Casey Finale's pendant for protection while running a scam. You figure it out. :) Also, at some point in the future, Aquaman is going to "deputize" Finale, and make her protector of all the oceans. This is shown as lasting for centuries.

p. 20, panel 7- among Indigo's various powers is the ability to mimic anyone's voice and speech patterns.

p. 25, panel 6- What Imra fails to mention is that that symbol is mandatory for everyone of Titanian origins.

p. 32- except for Andromeda, who was never possessed by the eye, these are members of the "Emerald Legion," with the appearances they wore while possessed by the Emerald Eye. I postulate that Andromeda was thrown in because her betrayal, "death," and search for redemption are something else super-Imra considers her responsibility.

p. 34, panels 1-4- This is a warped version of Gim's death scene, which occurred when all of the Legionnaires were granted their fondest wish. Gim's was to die in a blaze of glory, apparently.

panel 7- This position is reminiscent of the "betrayal" scene of Network's story. Network was standing where Imra/ Emerald Vi is, and Cascade, forced to wear the same slave outfit Network is wearing here, was in Network's place.

p. 38, panel 4- Although it doesn't show the same thing, this is assumably the same picture that Imra has in her quarters in the 30th century scene from Sovereign 7 ann, p. 20-22.

I think that should explain most of the basics of the issue. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions. We have a full staff of S7 fans standing by to answer your questions. :)