Fallen Angel #6
Little Better Than A Beast, Conclusion: Pipe Dreams
by Peter David, David Lopez and Fernando Blanco

 Notes and Annotations

by Jackie Williams

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Page 3

Panel 3

The incident Valdez is speaking of happened in issue one.

Page 9

Panel 2

It is obvious that Lee previously lived as someone else. Her name appears in quotations when her antagonist speaks to her and she is accused of fleeing her former life to escape despair.

Page 13

Panels 2,3

Lee caught this gentlemen "enjoying" himself in issue three.

Panel 4

The French refer to an orgasm as "le petit mort" or the little death.

Page 20

Panel 4

The spirits of Lee and the Beast merge together in a sensual embrace while in reality they are locked in physical combat. Spiritually they advance towards the little death while physically they are in a struggle of a more permanent nature.