Fallen Angel #5
Little Better Than A Beast, Part Three: Bodies
by Peter David, David Lopez and Fernando Blanco

 Notes and Annotations

by Jackie Williams

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Page 3

Panel 1

As the battered Lee cleans her uniform, a vertical scar is visible on each of her shoulders in the area where depictions of angels often show their wings being attached.

Page 7

Panel 1

The twin scars Slate is referring to are the ones show on page 3, panel 1.

Lee has a book of fine art on her makeshift bookshelf. Linda Danvers, the former Supergirl and the person that many suspect as the true identity of Lee, was an artist and art teacher.

Page 8

Panels 1,2,5

Lee has a poster on her wall for Wings of Desire, a 1987 German film directed by Wim Wenders about angels who watch over Berlin. It was later remade into City of Angels, an American film starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan.

Page 11

Panel 1

There is a half visible magazine under the bed that has the words "Shadow Boxer" on it and a pair of green boxing glovers.

Page 13

Panel 1

Lee works at St. Jude Community College. St. Jude is known as the Saint of the Impossible or the Saint of Desperate Cases.

Page 18

Panels 2,3

Shadow Boxer seems to have a very real connection to the boxing world. Not only does he have an office at a boxing gym, but he also has posters on the wall advertising bouts he had with Basilio and Ali. While there is no definite way to determine which Basilio and Ali the posters refer, they could be references to Hall of Fame boxers Carmen Basilio and Muhammad Ali.

Page 20

Panel 2

On the wall behind Asia is a picture of a man and an angel locked in a passionate embrace.

Page 21

Panel 2

Asia seems to have some sort of obsession with having sex with an angel or having sex with Lee. Not only does he have the erotic painting with the angel and the human, but he also has made several sexual advances towards Lee. Previously he tried to get her to have oral sex with him and now he attempts to trade his assistance for sex.