Fallen Angel #4
Little Better Than A Beast, Part Two: Running Scared
by Peter David, David Lopez and Fernando Blanco


 Notes and Annotations

by Jackie Williams


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Updated January 4, 2004. Updates in blue.


Page 3

Panel 1

Boxer asks Lee is she is going to toss him with her bfreaky-ass mind powers.b This is another clue that she is able to perform acts of telekinesis, the power to move something by thinking about it. This was an ability that Linda Danvers, the former Supergirl, often displayed.


Page 8

Panel 4

Maristan usually refers to a hospital. In Egypt it can mean a mental hospital. More information on the origin of the word Maristan can be found at Al-Abrahm Weekly Online.

While Maristan may mean hospital, Peter David had no knowledge of that when writing the story. Below are his comments on how he created the city's name:

"Maristan means hospital? News to me. To come up with the name I combined Marrakesh and Pakistan so it would sound exotic but familiar."


Page 16

Panel 5

Like Hitler, Dolf doesn't seem to have had a good relationship with his father. He states that his father was an abusive ignorant lout. Numerous sources also said that Hitler's father, Alois, was domineering and abusive. His disposition was even hinted at in his obituary which stated the harsh words that sometimes fell from his lips could not belie the warm heart that beat under the rough exterior.


Thanks: Peter David