Fallen Angel #2
Waning Moon
by Peter David, David Lopez and Fernando Blanco

 Notes and Annotations

by Jackie Williams

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Updated January 4, 2004. Updates in blue.


The individual depicted in the mask that Lee is reaching for is obviously Thomas Graymalkin, a character who will be introduced inside. The fact that his face is depicted as a mask could mean that he is a front or is somehow operating in disguise.

While it is hard to see the background clearly, online copies of the cover without copy reveal bat-like ears and fur framing the Graymalkin mask. This seems to suggest that Graymalkin is a mask for a bat or maybe for Batman.

Page 3

The two guards are standing outside of an above ground mausoleum. While these can be used anywhere they are common in New Orleans because of the swampy ground. This supports some assertions that Bete Noire is either based on or located near New Orleans.

The title of the story, Waning Moons is another hint that Graymalkin may be Bruce Wayne/Batman. Peter David made many of us pay more attention to the title by saying "With all the speculation as to whether Graymalkin is Bruce Wayne in disguise or not, why has *no one* commented on the title of the story? " A poster to the Fallen Angel message board named SuperBear spelled out the connection more explicitly.

Page 4

Panel 1

One of the graves in the mausoleum belongs to Aston Martin. Aston Martin is the manufacturer of a British roadster that was preferred by the fictional super-spy James Bond.

Panel 2

A Pirate’s Love is a romance novel by Johanna Lindsey.

Peter David informs us that "the image on the romance book Asia is reading at the beginning foreshadows the burning vessel at the end of the issue."

Page 7

Panel 1 - 5

Internet speculation points to Thomas Graymalkin being Batman in disguise. Several factors that have sparked this speculation appear in panels 1 through 5. First, Graymalkin and Batman’s father share the same first name, Thomas. Second, Thomas Wayne has been drawn appearing very similar to Graymalkin, with a pencil thin mustache and graying temples.

Page 8

Panel 2

If Graymalkin is Bruce Wayne/Batman it may explain why Dolf balks when he asks for a drink. This could very well be a play on Batman’s relationship with his ever-present butler Alfred.

Page 11

Panel 3

Here is another hint that Dolf is Hitler. He pulls a World War II era pistol favored by the German army on Graymalkin.

Page 17

Panels 1 and 2

Graymalkin uses some sort of gas attack on Lee. This is a tactic that Batman often employs when dealing with superhuman adversaries.

Page 20

Panel 3

The shadow of Graymalkin combines with that of the fork lift to make a shadow that resembles Batman’s cowl.

Thanks: Peter David, SuperBear