The Annotated "Chasing Dogma"
By Kevin Smith & Duncan Fegredo
Annotations by Hooper_X

(Note: I am working from the TPB version, so there will be some differences between what you see here and the individual comics.  Tough titties)

Page 1, Panel 2: Lots of photos, including a shot of Brodie Bruce as per the end of "Mallrats," with the caption "Trish, you're a dish!  -I owe you eternally, Brodie."  A picture of the three Jones sisters, (Heather from "Clerks," Trisha from "Mallrats," and Alyssa from "Chasing Amy.") a picture of Trish with Howard Stern (?), and finally, a picture of the cover to _Bore-Gasm_, along with some kind of publicity photo of Trish, and a NY Times clipping, with _Bore-Gasm_ on top of the Best Seller List.  The "Me!  No. 1!" scrawled on the clipping makes it obvious that this is indeed Trish "The Dish" we are dealing with.  She is talking to, of course, "Chasing Amy"'s Holden McNeil.
p2-3: They are talking about Banky, of course.  The conversation about "tracing" is another "Chasing Amy" reference.
p7: "Bantha Juice."  Heh.
P2-3: Our heroes.  Note the Star Wars laserdisc, the SW toys all over the place, and Bob's inflatable pal from "Mallrats" in the room.
P4p2, rest of P4-5: Jay has "NANCY" carved into his chest, which is, of course, a Sid Vicious kind of thing.
p3, also P5p5: Bob has a copy of Oni Double Feature #1. And a teddy bear.
P8p4: She's singing "Ironic" by Alanis Morrisette.  Who used to be on "You Can't Do That On Television."  Which was a great show.
P11p1: "You're lucky I don't call LaFours..."  As the close of "Mallrats" showed, Trish and LaFours were... close.  Are still, apparently.
p6, also P12.  "Jean Swellback, USA Today".  This is a reference to Jen Schwalbach (sp?) Kevin Smith's actual real-deal wife.  Who is, if I'm not mistaken, with USA Today, or was.
P13p1: Eden Praire Mall, baby.  Actually in Eden Prarie, MN, not NJ.
p2: Willam!  Who has yet to see the sailboat, I presume.
p7: And who would this asshole be?  Note "Star Wars" on the main screen and Brodie Bruce on "The Tonight Show" on the picture-in-picture.
P14p1: "Jedi Mind Trick" - A Mallrats reference.
p4: Jay lambastes John Hughes here, and inadvertently, Kevin Smith as well.  Hence,
p5-6: Silent Bob gets mad.  Grr, Silent Bob.
p7-10: Note the opening sequence from "Star Wars" on the TV in the background.
P15p3: Don't play around on the escalator, kids.  Treat it with respect.
p6: In case you didn't figure it out by now, it's Roddy, from "Mallrats," reduced to a low-level retail job, thanks in part to Jay & Bob.
p8-P16p5: A direct lift from "Mallrats."
P18p1: Note the poster for Jim Mahfood's "Grrl Scouts" behind Jay.
P18p5: Steve-Dave & Walt the Fanboy.  Some things NEVER change.
P19p2: Krypto the Stoner-Boner Pup.  Oni Double Feature #1, baby.
P20-21: The same swingset Holden & Alyssa played on in "Chasing Amy".
P22-3: The Marina Diner, from "Chasing Amy."  Giving us a nice little reminder of exactly WHEN in View-Askew time this happened.
P23p7: The bus driver is the irate customer from earlier in the issue.
P24p5: Bluntman & Chronic!
p9: "Because what you don't know about me can just about fill up the Grand fucking Canyon, Jay."

P1, repeatedly: Mooby!
P1p6: My absolute favorite panel in the entire series.  "I'm sorry I was being gay, mommy."
P6p6: Silent Bob has a "Mooby Map".
P10p6: Dude, it's Mister Rogers!  Also, I'm dead certain naming the chauffeur "Mercy" is a nod to the Superman animated series.
P21p3-6: Gee, sounds familiar, doesn't it?
P24p6: Sylvan Derris.  Gotta be related to Rick Derris, of "Clerks" infamy and "Chasing Amy" reference.
P25p3-4: More Sylvan Derris.
P26-7: Direct rip of "The Fugitive".  The movie, not the show.

P6-7: Spread page.  This sequence, hell, this entire ISSUE is reused in "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", with minor changes.  Note the Cigarette Smoking Guy from "The X-Files" by Jay's head.  Also, Randal and Dante being terrorized by simians.  Also: YOU BLEW IT ALL UP, DAMN YOU!  (hehehe.  Gotta love "Planet of the Apes".)
P11p4: Jay has a point, you know.

P1p1: Cardinal Glick!
p4: R2-D2 & C3PO on the dashboard.
P2-3: And again on Bob's map.
P8p3-6: Heheheh.  It's Anthony Michael Hall, or a reasonable facsimile thereof!

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