The Hot Stuf’ & Andromeda Checklists


Hot Stuf’

#1 (Summer 1974)                               cover: Ken Barr/back cover: Richard Corben

1)      Titlepage & Contents page illos [illustrated: Bil Maher & George Perez] 2p

2)      Bug [written & illustrated: Richard Corben] 5p

3)      Shadow Of The Sword! [written & illustrated: Rich Buckler] 8p

4)      The Proposition [written & illustrated: Dan Recchia] 1p

5)      Hot Shot Ad [illustrated: George Perez & Bob Garrison] 1p

6)      The Apple [written & illustrated: Mike Snyder] 1p

7)      Uncle Sal And Cousin John Go Planet-Tripping! [written: Bob Keenan; penciled: George Perez; inked: Bob Garrison] 11p

8)      Poem [written: ?] 2p   [no art]

9)      Mice In Veloe [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 15p    [text story]

10)   A Thought In The Egg [written: Doug Moench; illustrated: Ernie Colon] 4p

11)   Flys [written: Ed Faust; illustrated: Richard Corben] 5p

12)   The Kent State Tragedy: A Documentary [illustrated: Neal Adams] 1p


Notes: $2.50.  Published & edited: Sal Quartuccio.  Magazine-sized issue.  This could be Perez’s professional debut.  His content page art & the ad for Hot Shot #1 both advertise the She-Devils, which ended up not being published by Quartuccio.  Mice In Veloe lists the artist as Baoman Miller while the title page lists Maher as the artist.  It certainly looks like Maher’s work.  The Kent State Tragedy is an ad for the next issue’s lead story.  That Adams’ story never appeared, although the graphic violence style employed by Adams in the ad reappeared in Warren #75 with the story Thrillkill.


#2 (Winter 1975)                                 cover, frontispiece & inside back cover: Ken Barr/

                                                                        back cover: Bil Maher

1)      Pin-Up [illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p

2)      Voluptas [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Richard Corben] 3p

3)      Orion [written & illustrated: Gray Morrow] 6p   reprinted from Witzend #2 (1967)

4)      Strawberry Tarts [written & illustrated: Mike Vosburg] 2p

5)      House [written & illustrated: Fershid Bharucha] 6p

6)      Trigga Mordus [written: Bob Keenan; illustrated: Ed Manley] 3p

7)      Editorial [written: Sal Quartuccio; illustrated: Greg Theakston & Berni Wrightson; Ken Barr] 2p   [text article]

8)      Marhar I & II [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p

9)      The Champion’s Match [written: Bob Keenan; illustrated: Robert L. Kline] 3p

10)   Centerfold [written & illustrated: Neal Adams] 2p

11)   The Mad Barber [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 10p

12)   The Mist [written: Bob Keenan; illustrated: Will Meugniot] 2p

13)   Orion, part 2 [written & illustrated: Gray Morrow] 10p

14)   A Case Of Possesion [written & illustrated: Ernie Colon] 3p

15)   The Scarecrow Ad [illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p


Notes: $4.00. The Theakston/Wrightson painting (reproduced in B&W) on the editorial page looks as thought it might have intended for a Warren or Skywald horror title.  Adams’ Centerfold is a Playboy type X-rated cartoon spread over two pages .  Hot Stuf’ would feature ads for several years promoting Maher’s Scarecrow character but the story never appeared.  Too bad, the artwork is very intriguing.   Ken Barr’s cover is quite striking and would have made a great poster.  Last  magazine-sized issue.


#3 (Winter 1976)                                 cover: Richard Corben/back cover &

                                                                                    frontispiece: Herb Arnold                     

1)      Eirvthia: Prologue [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Tim Kirk] 6p

2)      The Pawn [written & illustrated: Stan Dresser] 10p

3)      Interlude [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Tim Kirk] 1p

4)      The Dwellers In The Dark [written: Richard Corben & Herb Arnold; illustrated: Richard Corben] 11p

5)      Interlude 2 [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Tim Kirk] 1p

6)      The Feaster Of Souls [written & illustrated: Herb Arnold] 21p

7)      Color Art Prints Ad [illustrated: Richard Corben] 1p

8)      Pin-Ups [illustrated: Stan Dresser, Herb Arnold & Tim Kirk] 3p


Notes: $1.50.  Now comic-sized .  The entire issue is a fantasy saga extending over many years & is organized by Herb Arnold.


#4 (1977)                                             cover: Ken Barr/back cover: Robert L. Kline

1)      Titlepage art [illustrated: Ernie Colon] 1p   [frontispiece]

2)      Space Station Dora [written: Jan Strnad; illustrated: Robert L. Kline] 8p

3)      The Vanguard [written & illustrated: Alex Toth] 10p

4)      House On Whore Hill [written & illustrated: Mike Vosburg] 4p

5)      Pin-Up [illustrated: Herb Arnold] 1p

6)      Scarecrow Preview [illustrated: Bil Maher] 6p

7)      Orion, part 3 [written & illustrated: Gray Morrow] 6p

8)      Mercy [written: Bob Keenan; illustrated: Ernie Colon] 4p

9)      Kenshi Blade! [written & illustrated: Bill Stillwell] 8p


Notes: The Vanguard was originally done for Atlas in 1975 and intended to be the new direction for Howard Chaykin’s The Scorpion.  Chaykin wasn’t informed of this and was so angry when he saw accidentally saw the art that he quit the strip.  Morrow’s Orion was continued & concluded in Heavy Metal in 1979. 


#5 (1977)                                             cover: Richard Corben/back cover: Herb Arnold

     1) Editorial [written: Sal Quartuccio] 1p   [text article, frontispiece]

     2) Tales Our Of Eirvthig, Book II: The Four Demi-Gorgons [written: Herb Arnold;

            illustrated: Tim Kirk] 6p

     3) The City Of The Black Idol [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Stan Dresser] 9p

     4) Interlude [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Tim Kirk] 1p

     5) Chard [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Richard Corben] 10p

     6) Interlude II [written: Herb Arnold; illustrated: Tim Kirk] 1p

     7) Crown Of Fear [written & illustrated: Herb Arnold] 18p

     8) Pin-Up [illustrated: Bill ?] 1p   [on inside back cover]


Notes: Again, this is a full length fantasy saga set in the same world as #3.


#6 (1978)                     cover: Rich Larson & Steve Fastner/back cover: Rich Larson

     1) Titlepage art [illustrated: Herb Arnold] 1p   [frontispiece]

     2) 12 Parts [written & illustrated: Mike Nasser] 8p

     3) The Apprentice [written & illustrated: Gail Schlesser] 8p

     4) The Walls Of The City [written: Steven Grant; penciled: Rich Larson; inked:

            Tim Boxell] 6p

     5) Hornamania [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 6p

     6) Manimal [written & illustrated: Ernie Colon] 8p

     7) Steel Souls [written & illustrated: Dan Recchia] 2p

8) The Winter Of ’94: Troubadour [written: Jan Strnad; penciled: Rich Larson;

      inked: Tim Boxell] 8p

9) Pin-Up [illustrated: Ernie Colon] 1p   [on inside back cover]


Notes: $2.00


#7 (1978)                     cover: Michael Kaluta/back cover: Rich Larson & Tim Boxell

     1) Titlepage art [illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p   [frontispiece]

     2) Manimal, part 2 [written & illustrated: Ernie Colon] 8p

     3) Hornamania, part 2 [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 10p

     4) All The King’s Man [written: Howard Hill; illustrated: Sonny Trinidad] 8p

     5) The Winter Of ’94: People [written: Jan Strnad; penciled: Rich Larson; inked:

            Tim Boxell] 8p

     6) Steel Souls [written & illustrated: Dan Recchia] 1p

     7) Editorial [written: Sal Quartuccio; illustrated: Bil & Nish Maher] 2p   [text article]

     8) To Tell The Truth [written & illustrated: Bil Maher] 8p

     9) Pin-Up [illustrated: Terry Austin] 1p   [on inside back cover]


Notes:  Kaluta’s cover was reused (and reproduced much clearer as the cover to Epic Illustrated #4 (Winter 1980).  It appears to be a try at a Conan cover.  The artwork on Quartuccio’s editorial is from a never published story entitled Barbi Meets The Dirty Dworns.


#8 (1978)                                 cover: Neal Adams/back cover: Rich Larson & Tim Boxell

     1) Titlepage art [illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p   [frontispiece]

     2) The Americanization Of Japan [written & illustrated: Bil & Nish Maher] 8p

     3) The Winter Of ’94: The Death Of Dreams [written: Jan Strnad; penciled: Rich

            Larson; inked: Tim Boxell] 8p

     4) Heartfelt Thanks [written: Kathy Barr; illustrated: Ken Barr] 7p

     5) Editorial [written: Sal Quartuccio; illustrated: Bil Maher] 1p   [text article]

     6) Manimal, part 3 [written & illustrated: Ernie Colon] 8p

     7) Starblind [written: Nicola Cuti; illustrated: Charles Roblin] 5p   [poem]

9)      The Winter Of ’94: Conclusion [written: Jan Strand; penciled: Rich Larson; inked: Tim Boxell] 8p


Notes: Final issue. The editorial promises a cover by Neal Adams & Richard Corben, as well as stories by Ernie Colon, Mike Nasser, Bil & Nish Maher, John Bryne, Terry Austin, Steven Grant and others as well as the long anticipated Scarecrow story by Bil Maher but it never happened.  The Manimal strip was collected in a one-shot comic by Renegade Press in 1986








#1 (Sept. 1977)                        cover: John Allison/frontispiece: Robert McIntyre/

back cover: Paul Rivoche

     1) Editorial [written: Dean Motter] 1p   [text article]

     2) Pin-Up [illustrated: Franc Reyes] 1p

     3) The Man Who Walked Home [adapted: John Allison; illustrated: John Allison &

            Tony Meers] 24p   from the story by James Tiptree, Jr.

     4) The Escape And Pursuit Of Jeanne d’Arc [written & illustrated: Dean Motter] 19p

     5) A Day At Ygsrd’s [written & illustrated: Jason Ross] 2p

     6) Troll: Cerebral Swamp [written & illustrated: Don Marshall] 1p

     7) Arik Khan Ad [illustrated: Robert McIntrye] 1p   [on inside back cover]


Notes: $1.25.  Publisher: Bill Paul; edited: Dean Motter(?).  Allison’s adaptation of the Tiptree story may have been originally intended for Marvel’s Unknown Worlds.  Jeanne d’Arc is largely wordless and was probably a substitute for the Motter/Steacy serial The Sacred & The Profane, which appeared in Star*Reach when this issue was delayed.  McIntyre used the young girl who appears in the frontispiece several more times. 


#2 (June 1978)                         cover: Don Marshall/frontispiece: Robert McIntyre/

                                                            contents page: Paul Rivoche/back cover: Dean


     1) Process [written: A. E. Van Vogt; illustrated: Dean Motter] 16p   [text story]

     2) The Hidden Diaries: She Confronts Reality And Is Betrayed [written: Ken Steacy &

            Jeffrey Morgan; illustrated: Ken Steacy] 3p

     3) Shawn Of The Ruins [written: George Henderson; layouts: Gene Day; finished art:

            Jim Beveridge] 8p

4) The Dark Side Of The Moon! [written: Tom Nesbitt; illustrated: Tom Nesbitt & Nick            Pollwko] 20p


Notes: The Van Vogt story may be shortened by Motter but without the original story I can’t tell.


#3 (Sept. 1978)                        cover: Paul Rivoche/frontispiece: Robert McIntyre/back

                                                            cover: Don Marshall

     1) Editorial [written: Dean Motter] 1p   [text article]

     2) Wirely L. Wiremire [written & illustrated: Tom Nesbitt] 1p

     3) Exile Of The Aeons [adapted: B. P. Nicol; illustrated: Paul Rivoche] 26p   from the

            story by Arthur C. Clarke

     4) Here’s Mud In Yer Eye! [written & illustrated: Don Marshall] 20p


Notes: The nude in McIntyre’s frontispiece is a swipe from a Playboy centerfold (circa 1976?).  I know because it used to hang on the wall in the painter’s office I used to work in part time in college.  A Eurasian girl, if I remember right.


#4 (Dec. 1978)                        cover: Ramy Bar-Elan/frontispiece: Robert McIntyre

                                                            [wraparound cover]

     1) Editorial [written: Dean Motter] 1p   [text article]

     2) The Narrow Land [adapted: B. P. Nichol; illustrated: Tom Nesbitt] 32p   from the

            story by Jack Vance

     3) For Tomorrow We Die [written & illustrated: Brian Lee & Marc Griffiths] 9p

     4) Space Stuff [written & illustrated: Tom Nesbitt] 6p


#5 (June 1979)                         cover: John Allison/frontispiece: Robert McIntyre

                                                            [wrapround cover]

     1) Editorial [written: Dean Motter?; illustrated: Paul Rivoche] 1p   [text article]

     2) The Big Hunger [adapted: B. P. Nichol; illustrated: Tony Meers] 25p   from the

            story by Walter M. Miller

     3) Klang! Klang! [written & illustrated: Derek Carter] 4p

     4) Visit [written & illustrated: Don Marshall] 2p

     5) The Bellergon Version [written: B. P. Nichol; illustrated: Tom Nesbitt] 16p


#6 (Nov. 1979)                        cover: Tom Nesbitt/back cover: Peter Hsu

     1) Alan Dean Foster [written & illustrated: Dean Motter] 1p   [text article,


     2) Titlepage art [illustrated: Ken Steacy] 1p

     3) Why Johnny Can’t Speed [adapted: B. P. Nichol; illustrated: Peter Hsu] 16p   from

            the story by Alan Dean Foster

     4) Where Do You Get Those Ideas! [written: Alan Dean Foster; illustrated: Paul

            Rivoche] 2p   [text article]

     5) The Metrognome [written: Alan Dean Foster; illustrated: Tom Nesbitt] 17p   [text


     6) Thrust [written: Alan Dean Foster; illustrated: Don Marshall] 12p  

     7) Alan Dean Foster Checklist [written: ?] 1p   [text article, on inside back cover]


Notes: Hsu’s art is quite nice and very unlike the Liverpool Press covers style he used for Warren & others.