Kurt Busiek's Astro City: The Annotations

Lover of trivia and minutiae that I am, in 1998 and early 1999, I decided to try my hand at annotating one of my favourite comics series, specifically Kurt Busiek's Astro City. With its rich hinted-at backstory, numerous references to comics creators of the past, and wealth of characters, I thought it would be an enjoyable study, and quickly proved myself right. Although a lack of time (and, to be honest, a lull in my interest caused by the series' haphazard shipping schedule -- an unfortunate side effect of writer Kurt Busiek's health problems) caused me to discontinue the Annotations, those that I completed are available here. You can still feel free to e-mail me with your comments.

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Volume 1

Issue 1: In Dreams
Issue 2: The Scoop
Issue 3: A Little Knowledge
Issue 4: Safeguards
Issue 5: Reconnaissance
Issue 6: Dinner At Eight

Volume 2

Issue : The Nearness Of You
Issue 1: Welcome To Astro City
Issue 2: Everyday Life
Issue 3: Adventures In Other Worlds
Issue 4: New Kid In Town
Issue 5: Learning The Game
Issue 6: The Gathering Dark
Issue 7: Eye Of The Storm
Issue 8: Patterns
Issue 9: My Father's Son
Issue 10: Show 'Em All
Issue 11: Serpent's Teeth
Issue 12: Father's Day
Issue 13: In The Spotlight
Issue 14: The Big Lockdown